Nivea Hospitality is committed to delivering excellence in all areas of hotel development, operations, profitability, and guest services.

  • Operations management.  We have a relentless discomfort with the status quo, and we aim to improve operational performance everyday.
  • Design and construction.  With over 30 years of development and construction experience we can take your vision and ideas and turn them into reality. For more information on design and construction please visit our partner WB Services website. 
  • Team member training and development.  We aim to create an engaging environment that fosters a fulfilling life experience for all of our team members.
  • eCommerce oversight.  We lead all social media, website, and online marketing aspects of our hotel partners.
  • Superior client communication.  We make it a priority to provide personal attention to the needs of owners and team members by being accountable, responsive, and available.
  • Simple agreements.  We begin our relationships with easy to understand, transparent agreements.