What is Nivea Hospitality?

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It’s the goal of all hospitality companies to ensure guest satisfaction.  It’s the purest way to deliver consistent, long-term revenue and profit.  Likewise, it’s our mission to inspire enjoyable and refreshing guest experiences that lead to top performing properties for our clients.  However, at Nivea Hospitality we believe the only sure way to provide this kind of service is by investing in the lives of the team members who serve our guests.  That’s why we are relentless at training and involving our team members in continuous improvement efforts.  Our goal is for our team members to provide sensational personalized service, to create memories, and to anticipate the needs of our guests every day.

Our Name

Our name is derived from an ancient word that means fresh and new.  We chose this name because many of our techniques are derived from a new way of looking at hotel management . . . start with best-in-class products and services, develop great processes, and put all of this into the hands of well-trained, engaged team members.

Nivea Refresh